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1.  Commissioning

The pricing on this website are available in USD and CAD
1a) When commissioning, please provide a clear reference of your character. 

1b) If they are small details, details that aren't invisible or details that aren't yet on the reference sheet PLEASE do point them out/notify me about them. It is your responsibility, as the client, to provide all the details of you character.

1c) At the Sketch Phase, you are allowed to ask to edit it up to three times before you are charged fees to modify.  Major changes such as complete re-do of a pose, will be charged.

1d) No modifications will be made once the artwork is completed, so make sure to properly look at the approval sketch, if you are unsure about some details, please let me know.

1e) Harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in a termination of service. This means that you will be added to a blacklist and refused any future commission. The client will be refunded according to the refund policy. 


1f) I may be slow with commissions, some months are like that. I do not have an estimate turnaround. It can take a few days to a month or two. PLEASE REFER TO MY TRELLO if you are waiting for a commission. Sometime things can take longer if I have a lot of work to do and I update my list in real-time meaning that every step I complete on a drawing, I'll be updating my list. Please refrain from sending a message every couple of days to see if I started your commission. I have a to-do list publicly available for this reason.

2.  Payment

2a) PAYPAL payment only in USD.

2b) If Invoice is not an option:
Always include your username when sending payment in the NOTE section.
Always send under GOODS AND SERVICES.
NEVER put in your mailing address. Mark it as “No Mailing Address”. As you are paying for DIGITAL good.

2c) Payments over 100$+ can be paid in half. 

-50% when you receive the invoice
-50% when sketch has been approved.
As long as no payments has been received, I will not start/progress the commission.

I accept e-transfer. Make sure to specify your payment method when inquiring about payments.

►►►When you pay, either half or full payment, you FULLY AGREE to my Terms Of Service, read or not.◄◄◄

3.  Refunding

3a) If you, the client, wishes to cancel your commission and want a refund BEFORE the project is started, I will send you a refund through PayPal MINUS a 15% RESERVE SLOT FEE. This 15% covers time talking to the client, reading job details, discussing prices, sending payment and refunding procedures. This fee is non-negotiable.


3b)If the commission is in-progress and a refund needs to be made for whatever reason it may be, either requested by you or issued by myself, I will send you the total amount MINUS the percent amount for the work I put into your commission ( if any ) stated below ( The Reserve Slot Fee does not apply to this refund )

SKETCH PHASE* ( WIP stages ): 25% of the total payment
INK PHASE* ( approved WIP stages and goes into inking ): 50% of the total payment

COLOR PHASE* ( if coloring hasn't started/finished yet ): 75% of the total payment.
* Artist's discretion depending on the amount of work completed.

3c) I, the artist, retain the right to cancel and refund a commission at given anytime for any reasons. From the inability to complete the given task to unforeseen events in my personal life or anything going against the Terms of Services.

4.  Refusal of commission

I have the right to deny any commission that I don't feel comfortable drawing.
Although I rarely refuse any work that comes my way. But just you know that it can happen! 

5.  Process

1- Firstly, look at my status. If I'm Open, read the T.O.S properly so there is no confusion in the process. Then look at my prices and choose what you'd like. Make sure you have the budget. Payment plans are only available for orders above 100$

2- Send me a message via Facebook, Furaffinity, Twitter, Discord or E-mail asking if I have room for your project. 

3- If I accept, I will be sending you a little form that you need to fill out with all details I need, although I work best with artistic freedom, I can work with specific requests. Provide your character references and any other references relevant to the commission. As stated at 1a) Please provide clear references.

4-I will reply with a price quote. Take note that prices can vary depending on the complexity/amount of characters, backgrounds and extra elements, so be sure to check the prices properly. I will expect a reply, either agreeing or not on the price. If you agree, an Invoice will be sent to you shortly. If not, I will consider your order cancelled.

5-Once the payment is received, the work on your commission will start within a couple of days depending on the amount of work I currently have. Check my Trello to see where you are on the list and when I've started. I tend to work on 3-4 Commissions at the same time. 

6.  Permissions

6a) I, the artist, have the right to post and publish the finished commission wherever I please. HOWEVER credits will be properly given for each and every character and their owners. I own the rights to the illustration, NOT your characters.

6b) You, the client, do not have the right to SELL, RENDER, TRANSFORM, or REPRODUCE the finished commission/illustration without my written permission. If you intend to commercialize a commissioned work, please contact me at mesistrashbin@gmail.com to workout an agreement.

6c) You do have the right to post the illustration on websites as well as print the illustration for your own PERSONAL USE!* (Credit appreciated!)

*Meaning no money is made out of it.

Adult Content

Although I do draw NSFW or Adult content, I am very strict on what I will draw. (See Do's and Dont's below) What I will draw will mostly fall under Mature/Artistic Nudity category.
*Take note that I will add an additional fee for NSFW content depending on what's requested. 

Term of Services

Make sure to read thoroughly to avoid any confusion.

If you have any question feel free to contact me through Facebook messages, Furaffinity Note or my e-mail: mesistrashbin(at)gmail.com

Trash Mama

Illustrations, Commissions and stuff

DO and DON'T

Check here to see what I draw and what I don't!

What I will and can draw

  • Human

  • Furries

  • Creatures

  • All ages

  • Any Gender

  • Multiple Characters

  • Backgrounds

  • Clothing

  • Gore

  • Nudity/Artistic nudity

  • Armor*

  • Weapon*

  • etc.

*Please provide a detailed reference

What I will not draw.

  • Violence towards another individual or group

  • Anything that goes against my morals

  • Anything that makes me feel uncomfortable

  • In another art style that isn't my own

  • Intercourses

  • Religious symbolism in nsfw stuff

  • Bodily Fluids*

  • etc.

*What your body rejects, stays rejected.

(If you know what I mean...)

Any Questions? Feel free to send me a message on Facebook,Furaffinity, Deviantart or through E-Mail: mesistrashbin[at]gmail.com